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 BBCode Guide

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PostSubject: BBCode Guide   Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:57 pm

BBCode is a markup language used to format posts in many message boards. The tags are usually indicated by rectangular [] brackets surrounding a keyword, and they are parsed by the message board system before being translated into a markup language the web browsers understands.

BBCode was devised and put to use in order to provide a safer, easier and more limited way of allowing users to format their messages.

As you can see in the options above this text box allow you to import a format, graphics, and links automatically. If you hover your arrow pointer above these options you will see a layout of what the BBCode will become directly above this text box. The code is always after the colon after the heading.

example: With the mouse above the "B" icon in the upper left corner (This represents the "Bold Text" command. The dialog heading should read - Bold Text: "b"[]text[]"/b" (alt+b).

"Bold Text:" is the name of the code.
b[] - is the front quotation of the code, followed by text, which is what you would like to become Bold.
/b[] - is the ending of the code (a period to a sentence). The "/" before the same front quote means "to end".
(alt+b) is the "hotkey" method for creating a bold text BBCode (Keyboard only method).

-note- Notice that I had to place the "b's" outside of the [] for the explanation so to not form the "Bold" BBCode for the "b" front quote explanation ending with the "/b" heading.

For importing photos or videos you will need to upload the file onto another site that generates codes. Then copy that code and paste it into your message. You should see a .

Once the code is imputed into the message simply press the "Preview" button at the bottom of this text box to verify that the coding was done properly.

TABLES, Bullet Listings, Outline Listing

These require multiple codes within one large code.
Example: "Table"
You will need a table border: [] table border="1" (imputed text within [])
Followed by a table row ("tr") front quote: []tr (imputed text within [])
Followed by the table data ("td") front quote: []td (itw [])
Followed by text you would like in that particular cell of the row
Followed by table date ("/td") closing quote: []/td (itw [])
Continue inputting your text in between the []td and []/td of the table until complete with all of the table's data
To end your table: []/tr (closing table) followed by []/table (closing the border)

Bulleted and Number Lists

You must use []* (itw []) prior to the topic of each bullet or number
[]list; []* topic; []* 2nd topic; []* 3rd topic; ...; []/list
If you want a numbered list simply add "=1" after you type "list" in your front quote - []list=1

BBCode formats and examples
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BBCode Guide
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